Lego Adventure in the City


Worked as an animation/production intern at Rogier Wieland with a great team on a short film commissioned by LEGO Shanghai called ‘LEGO Adventure in the City’. Which became Vimeo staff pick.

Rogier asked me to find a way to bring a dinosaur to life with LEGO. I found a free 3D model of a dinosaur. I made a walk cycle and a loop of 17 frames and a mouth/roar cycle in 9 frames while he is standing still. Together with interaction designer Gijs Leijdekkers we found a way to export the frames to a 3D dinosaur. The next step was to make a LEGO manual for every dino. Illustrator and animator Iris van den Akker, and motion/graphic designer and animator Suus Hessling and I were building 17 frames of a large dinosaur for the walk cycle in two weeks time.

Before leaving for holidays, at the end of my internship, I animated a scene with firetrucks, LEGO firemen and a helicopter leaving the fire department to rescue the citizens in the city.

Written & Directed by: Rogier Wieland
Client: Lego China
Agency: AKQA, Shanghai
Production Company: Black and Cameron, Shanghai
Animators: Rogier Wieland, Danièle Knirim, Yoana Buzova, Suus Hessling, Raymon Wittenberg, Iris van den Akker
Producer: Danièle Knirim
Voice Over talent & boy in snake suit: Thomas Boyd
Set Builders: Matthias Hurtl, Pieter-Henk van Wijk
Special Thanks to: Nadine Bradshaw, Jasper van Blokland, Jesse Hendriks, Jean Villanueva, Mickey Yang