FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014


I was very pleased when Rogier Wieland told me I could do my internship at his studio! He is a very talented man who makes beautiful stop motion animations together with a great team.

Rogier had to complete 3 animated commercials for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Elements Campaign in 12 weeks time. I hopped in as an intern in the last 4 weeks of this project. Rogier asked me to build some parts of the sets of FIFA Anti-match manipulation, and also to animate a few scenes.

FIFA Football development:
– The part of the end shot with the FIFA logo appearing in the grass.
FIFA Anti-match manipulation:
– The opening shot together with interdisciplinary artist Yoana Buzova and Illustrator and studio producer Danièle Knirim.
– The digital reference animation of hands grabbing in the direction of the football.
– The end shot together with motion/graphic designer and animator Suus Hessling, multidisciplinary artist Mickey Yang and Danièle Knirim.
FIFA Anti-discrimination:
– Layed and replaced football attributes on synthetic grass and paving stones. Everyone made a piece of the animation.

FIFA Football development
FIFA Anti-match manipulation
FIFA Anti-discrimination